Centre Management

Erin Peterson : Centre Director

Erin has been the Director and nominated supervisor for Mulberry Cottage Early learning and Nursery since 2016. Erin came to Mulberry Cottage with 12 years of industry experience in varying roles from, working as an educator to training and assessment of industry qualifications.


Erin rotates between the two centres (opposite Pam) and can be found in the office or on the floor, Monday through to Thursday. Erin’s main role is to over see both Nursery and Early Learning Centre and it’s smooth operation each day. Erin is always available to respond to parents questions & concerns regarding general fee enquiries (anything further will be referred to Pam) and to oversee policy, quality and regulatory requirements as set out by the NSW Government and Australian Childcare Education Quality Authority (ACECQA). Erin welcomes and encourages all family input in the to effective running of each service & you can contact her in the office, via email or Story park.

Nav Hennessey : Warabrook 2IC & educational leader of Mulberry Cottage services

Nav works at our Warabrook service as 2IC, Educational leader and room leader for our preschool aged children (3-5). Nav assist Pam and Erin in the office on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday as well as supporting the whole team in the smooth running of each day. Nav also runs our educational program in consultation with families, children the team and outside representatives specialising in education and care. Nav welcomes and encourages all families input in to all aspects of our care, planning and development programs.

Kate Cochrane : Assistant Director of Mulberry Cottage Nursery

Kate works as assistant director & room leader for our nursery specialising in infant care (0-2 years). Kate’s main role within the nursery is to assist parents with general fee enquiries, enrolment details, concerns, complaints and requests. Kate will oversee the day to day management and smooth running of the service, including welcoming and encouraging your input and ideas into all aspects of your babies care, planning and development programs.

Tori Beneke - 2IC & room leader of Mulberry Cottage Nursery

Tori works as 2IC & room leader for our nursery specialising in infant care (0-2 years). Tori’s main role is to plan, prepare for and engage with all children, families and the team as well as support management with the day to day running and smooth operations of the day. In the absence of Kate and Erin, Tori will step into role of assistant director (a role she is familiar) and be able to happily assit you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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